Our Team

our team

Aaron Breimer

vp data insights

alex hoss

Agricultural Collections Specialist

Becky Laye

Precision Ag Specialist

Brandon Pugh

Sales Development Rep

Brent Hjelmeland

Director of Stealth Ag

Brittany Bragg

Data Collection Specialist

Carson Yong

Software Engineer

Craig Hogan

VP of Finance

Danny Jefferies

Precision Ag Specialist

Dave Macmillan


Derrick Leclair

Data Insights Technician

Dave Reinart

Better Harvest

Eric Burton

Better Harvest
Sales and Operations

Erin Eagen-Duquette

Precision Ag Agronomist

Glenda Dunahee


Heather Boyd

data and logistics director

Jacob Nederend

Research Agronomist

Jenn Arneson

Operations Manager of Stealth Ag

Jill Vander Ploeg

Office Manager of Stealth Ag

Jeremy Vandecaveye

Data Specialist

Jordan Sinclair, PhD

Director of Data Science

Josh Vander Zwaag

account executive

Julia Friesen

Soil Sampler

Karla Jackson

Market Development Agronomist

Kyle Vanwyk

data collection
north london

Laura Van Arkel

data insights technician

Liam Hood

Remote Pilot

Lillian Zongker


Liron Brish

VP Product & Sustainability

luke rash

Sales Development

Mike Wilson

VP of Data Collections

Noah Garris

Agriculture Collection Specialist, Drone Pilot

Paul Lotay

Senior Accounting Manager

Phil Linton

Director of Growth

Piper Coen

Demand Generation Marketer

Pranay Joshi

VP of Engineering

Ruvim Danilyuk

Collection Specialist Stealth Ag

Scott Jackman

VP of Sales

Scott Payne

Director of US Operations

Tanya Franklin

Account Executive

Tyler Knight

Tana Ag

Uthej Sudini

Software Developer

Wilson Burress

Contract Pilot

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Glenda Dunahee


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