Deveron touches more soil than anybody else

Your data is in the cloud. Our people are on the ground

Scalable Muddy Boots

Don't wait weeks. We can be there when you need us.


We sell solutions, not inputs

From Soil to Insights

Our in-field agronomists send your soil straight to the lab for quick results from our insights team, delivered the way you need.


What we do on the ground

Data collection

  • Trained, scalable, rural workforce
  • Don’t wait weeks. We can be there when you need us
  • Soil sampling, imagery flights, and more

what we do in the cloud


  • Data-driven approach to field insights
  • Script and soil insights to optimize your bottom line

Our Deveron Collectors

Deveron Collectors can be found across rural communities in the US and Canada. Working with Deveron means supporting local experts that will help you get the best out of your soil.


Environmental, financial, and social sustainability drive our work at Deveron.
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