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Our laboratory services enable operations to get the most from the growing cycle, from soil to tissue, we help growers, agronomists and retailers understand their fields' nutrients.

Benefits of Laboratory Services

Deveron meets your needs in agriculture test analysis, from fertility and carbon soil data to tissue and manure analysis. Backed by years of experience and research, our network of laboratories are designed to meet the changing needs of our customers and the industry.

Our in-field technicians send samples directly to our network of laboratories for full service needs in one place. We can deliver your results back to you in a variety of ways with the assistance of our insights team.





Our Laboratory Services

Soil Testing & Analysis

Our lab network engages in partnering with you to get the most of your soil. We can support both fertility and carbon soil testing, with an array of testing protocols to meet program guidelines and needs.

Soil Health

Traditional soil tests measure the physical and chemical properties of soil, but soil is a living, dynamic and continually changing ecosystem. By digging deeper into the physical, chemical and biological interactions we can make improved agronomic recommendations for higher yields and greater profit.

Plant Tissue Testing

Plant Tissue Tests can help identify if an essential nutrient in the plant is within the expected normal sufficiency range for that particular stage of growth during the season. This offers the opportunity to address the deficient nutrients during the growing season, or elect to adjust next season’s fertility program.

Compost Analysis

Many composters worldwide employ Solvita® to monitor stage of compost and ensure quality during the course of the entire composting process and report end-product quality.

Other Analysis

  • Lawn and Garden
  • Biodegradability
  • Manure
  • Nematodes
  • Herbicides/Pesticides
  • Water
  • Livestock Feed
  • Our Lab Networks

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    Deveron Laboratories

    📍3031 Willow Creek Ct, Clear Lake, IA 50428

    Formerly Frontier Labs

    Services Available
    • Soil Fertility Testing
    • Soil Sampling
    • GIS Mapping Center (Convert, Process & Analyze Data)

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    Deveron Laboratories

    📍950 Cardinal Ct, Auburn, IN 46706

    Formerly Agri-Labs

    Services Available
    • Soil Fertility Testing
    • Soil Sampling
    • Data Management
    • Fertility Management Programs
    • Field Scouting (ex: weeds, pests, nutrient deficiencies, weather damage)

    A&L Canada Laboratories

    A Deveron Company

    📍2136 Jetstream Rd, London, ON N5V 3P5

    Services Available
    • Soil Health and Fertility Testing
    • Soil Sampling
    • VitTellus® Soil Health Analysis
    • Plant, Manure, Water, Compost, Cannabis Analysis
    • Data Analysis and Management

    Woods End Laboratories

    A Deveron Company

    📍150 Whitten Rd, Augusta, ME 04330

    Services Available
    • Soil Health and Fertility Testing
    • Solvita® Soil Health Test and Garden Care Kit
    • Compost Maturity and Characterization
    • Biodegradation Studies
    • Biological Soil Activity

    Soil Testing FAQs

    A: Soil Test Reports are sent in CSV, Excel and PDF format.

    A: No, not for fertility sampling. All you need to get started is a rough boundary of the field (we can provide) to be sampled for bulk and grid sampling.

    For zone sampling historical yield, elevation, or NDVI imagery can be used to create zones for testing.

    A: You can talk to your Account Manager if you have any questions about your soil test report.

    A: Nutrient recommendations need to be requested when ordering soil sampling. If not, they can be added on after the field is sampled. The lab will need previous crop, Intended crop and yield goal.

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