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Agricultural Soil Testing in North Dakota

Our team provides the most efficient and effective soil sampling and soil testing programs across Idaho including a range of fertility management programs tailored to your operation’s unique needs.

With over 15 years of experience soil testing in North Dakota, we have experienced local sampling teams, ready to ensure timely and precise collection of soil samples across North Dakota. 

Also nearby our soil laboratory in Clear Lake, Iowa, you can ensure your soil is treated and testing with the latest technologies with a quick turnaround of results so you can make more informed and timely farm management decisions.

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Our Fertility Programs Available in North Dakota

We offer a wide assortment of fertility management services and soil testing in North Dakota. You can choose or select the services that best suite your needs or we are happy to build a custom program based on your needs. If you have any questions or would like some help to navigate don’t hesitate to Contact Us. 

Soil Sampling

Our Soil Sampling program has been built around a 4Cs approach.

It will provide you with: 

  1. Convenience
    Order and track requests quickly and conveniently
  2. Customization
    Professional in-field soil sample collection that meets your needs and budget.
  3. Consistency
    Proper depth in representative soil locations is an important part of our commitment to our customers.
  4. Collaboration
    Our business is geared towards making your agricultural operation more successful.

Data Management

Our Data Management program will provide you with actionable data for profitable results. 

This program will provide you with: 

  • P, K, Lime Recommendations
  • Nitrogen modeling with adapt-N
  • Yield Data and Multi-Year Yield Analysis
  • Variable Rate Seeding Prescriptions
  • Multi-Layer Management Zone Creation
  • As-Applied Maps

Veris the Easy Way

Our Veris program will collect dense layers of information from your soil zones, allowing for more informed soil fertility management.

This will provide you with detailed: 

  • Organic Matter
  • EC data (CEC/Texture)
  • Soil Topography
  • Soil pH


Our adapt-N program utilizes a professional software tool for agronomists to help deliver exceptional in-field performance to growers.


Additional Services

We offer a full range of precision ag services to meet all our growers needs. From soil sampling services to data management and insights, we strive to help you achieve your full yield potential. Some of the additional products and services available includes:

  • GPS Driven Boundaries
  • Tissue Testing
  • In-Season Soil Nitrate Testing
  • Research Projects

Getting Accurate Soil Testing Results in North Dakota has never been easier

Soil Sampling and Testing in North Dakota

Our sampling teams, stationed across North Dakota, can collect samples efficiently, and our closest lab in Clear Lake, IA, provides accurate and quick soil testing services.

Soil Sampling and Testing in North Dakota FAQ's

Our team has been servicing North Dakota for over 15 years and our lab is based out of Clear Lake, Iowa. 

We service across North Dakota including:

Adams County, Barnes County, Benson County, Billings County, Bottineau County, Bowman County, Burke County, Burleigh County, Cass County, Cavalier County, Dickey County, Divide County, Dunn County, Eddy County, Emmons County, Foster County, Golden Valley County, Grand Forks County, Grant County, Griggs County, Hettinger County, Kidder County, LaMoure County, Logan County, McHenry County, McIntosh County, McKenzie County, McLean County, Mercer County, Morton County, Mountrail County, Nelson County, Oliver County, Pembina County, Pierce County, Ramsey County, Ransom County, Renville County, Richland County, Rolette County, Sargent County, Sheridan County, Sioux County, Slope County, Stark County, Steele County, Stutsman County, Towner County, Traill County, Walsh County, Ward County, Wells County, Williams County.

A: We strive for 5-10 days from order to collection and soil results received from lab and delivered to client.

A: Results can be sent to you via a CSV or PDF via email.

In some regions, results can be accessed through an online portal

A: OM, pH, Buffer pH, CEC, P, K, Mg, Ca, K%, Mg%, CA%

A: We sample fertility at 6” and have the capability to go down to 24″ with options to sample to 3′ (1-meter)

A: Grid, SoilOptix and Tissue sampling

A: Soil sampling can tell you a lot about what is happening in the field. It can answer questions on yield impact and how much fertilizer do you actually need to put down and where. Depending on the level of sampling being completed you can see what your macronutrients, micronutrients and even water holding capacity, just to name a few. 

North Dakota’s soils can vary widely within a single field. Consider the topography, drainage patterns, and historical land use when determining sampling locations.

Different crops may have varying root depths, so it’s essential to sample at the appropriate depth. For row crops like corn and soybeans, sampling depth is typically 6-12 inches.

The timing of soil sampling can affect nutrient levels. Ideally, samples should be taken in the fall after harvest or in the spring before planting to reflect the nutrient status before the growing season.

Align soil testing with nutrient management plans. Consider the specific nutrient requirements of the crops to be planted and adjust fertilizer recommendations accordingly.

Soil pH is critical for nutrient availability. Test and address pH levels, as they can influence nutrient uptake by plants.

North Dakota’s  soils vary in organic matter content. Consider this when interpreting soil test results, as organic matter influences nutrient retention and availability.

North Dakota has a significant focus on nitrogen management due to its impact on water quality. Assess nitrate levels in the soil and implement best management practices to minimize nutrient runoff.

A: Soil Test Reports are sent in CSV, Excel and PDF format.

A: No, not for fertility sampling. All you need to get started is a rough boundary of the field (we can provide) to be sampled.

A: Nutrient recommendations need to be requested when ordering soil sampling. If not, they can be added on after the field is sampled. The lab will need previous crop, Intended crop and yield goal.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Jeremy Wolf
Jeremy Wolf
December 2023
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Turn around on soil samples is fast.
Kel Dyke (Oneredeemer)
Kel Dyke (Oneredeemer)
July 2023
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Quite a great group of people here!
Jeanette VanderMarel
Jeanette VanderMarel
October 2023
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The best!
Brad Whitthoft, Whitthoft Farm Supply
Brad Whitthoft, Whitthoft Farm Supply
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They are a very important part of our daily operations and have allowed us to have the most current gps mapping along with vrt planting and fertilizer applications for our customers.
Agronomy Solutions Specialist, Sylvite
Agronomy Solutions Specialist, Sylvite
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Deveron’s Insights team has created tools that enable us to turn data into decisions with our growers. Breaking apart soil test data, variable rate prescriptions, and test plots to compare with overlaid yield data gives us a much better understanding of what drives the agronomic and economic success of our growers’ fields and crops.

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1. Order Soil Sampling

Contact Us to order your preferred sampling type and resolution and our team will sample your fields asap.

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2. Soil Analysis

Samples are sent to our certified lab in Clear Lake, IA for analysis.                     

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3. Soil Results

Results are sent to you in a variety of formats and we help interpret your soil results for you.

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