EC Soil Mapping

Helping You Track and Manage Soil Variability

Deveron utilizes Veris Technologies Soil EC mapping systems to identify soil zones. This one time investment is a powerful tool that can impact many phases of crop production.

The data can be utilized for both Smart Zones and Smart Grids, and has also been used to create planting prescription zones.

📍Service available in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, the Dakotas, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.

Veris® Data

  • Measures electrical conductivity (EC) of the soil
  • Defines soil types more precisely
  • Provides shallow (0-18 inches) and deep (19-36 inches) readings
  • The ability to investigate multiple depths often reveals important subsurface differences
  • Soil EC correlates well with soil texture and CEC maps
  • Soils don’t change on lines; EC captures soil transitions as they occur
  • Perfect solution to identify soil changes for land that has had physical soil movement (flooding, land construction

Soil mapping results to make the most informed on-farm decisions

Make Deveron your trusted Veris® EC Soil Mapping provider

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