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Providing Data-Driven Solutions to Our Valued Customers

Our customer base extends beyond traditional stakeholders within the agriculture industry, encompassing a wide range of organizations and individuals that play critical roles in the agricultural ecosystem. From growers to ag-retailers and enterprise to academia, we collaborate with a diverse network of partners.

Who we help


Our services assist growers to optimize their farming operations and improve their overall productivity. We empower growers with technology-driven solutions, data-driven insights, and expert guidance, enabling them to make informed decisions, enhance productivity, and optimize their farming operations.

Ag Retailers

We enable ag retailers by offering our streamlined precision ag services to assist their growers in optimizing crop production, monitoring field conditions, and making data-driven decisions. By incorporating precision agriculture technologies, ag retailers can provide valuable insights and services to farmers, ultimately enhancing their productivity.


We assist our enterprise clients by delivering tailored solutions, scalable infrastructure, advanced data analytics, enterprise-wide coordination, and ongoing support. By leveraging these services, enterprise clients can enhance their operational efficiency, optimize resource utilization, make informed decisions, and drive sustainable growth in the agriculture industry.


We support our academia clients through access to technology and equipment, research collaboration, data sharing, training programs, industry-linked projects, and funding opportunities. These partnerships promote knowledge exchange, drives innovation, and contributes to the development of precision agriculture practices and education.

Our unbiased data solutions set us apart
Our scalable and timely collection services and data-driven insights empower our customers to make well-informed decisions for their farm operations.

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