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Agricultural Soil Testing Indiana

Our team provides the most efficient and effective soil sampling and soil testing programs across Indiana including a range of fertility management programs tailored to your operation’s unique needs.

With over 30 years of experience soil testing in Indiana we have experienced local sampling teams, ready to ensure timely and precise collection of soil samples across Indiana. 

Also nearby our soil laboratory in Auburn, Indiana, you can ensure your soil is treated and testing with the latest technologies with a quick turnaround of results so you can make more informed and timely farm management decisions.

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Our Fertility Programs Available in Indiana

We offer a wide assortment of fertility management services and soil testing in Indiana. You can choose or select the services that best suite your needs or we are happy to build a custom program based on your needs. If you have any questions or would like some help to navigate don’t hesitate to Contact Us. 

Soil Analysis

To help identify the nutrients offered to the crop. Send in your samples or order sampling through us to analyze your soil properties.

Available Soil Tests:

S01 (Basic Soil Test)

S03 (Basic plus Micro-nutrients)

S04 (Basic, Micronutrients, and Organic Matter)

PSNT (Pre-Sidedress Nitrogen Test)

Bray 1 Equivalent

Ammonium Acetate

Estimated Element test performed with Mehlich 3 Extractant

Elements include: Phosphorous (P), Potassium (K), Soil pH, Buffer pH (BpH), Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), Base Saturation, Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), Sulfur (S), Boron (B), Copper (Cu), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Organic Matter (OM).

Fertility Management Programs

Our Lab provides a wide range of soil fertility programs to meet your operation’s needs.

Platinum – Utilizes high resolution SoilOptix® scanning to provide you with individual soil property maps, each with its own management zone map.

Gold – Your fields are sampled on a 1.1 acre grid to provide a sampling option that has finer detail than the standard 2.5 acre grid. Customized recommendation maps are provided for two crop years.

Silver – Soil sampling is on a 2.5 acre grid. Customized recommendation maps are provided for two crop years.

Basic – Our standard program includes soil sampling on a 2.5 acre grid. Standard recommendation maps (P, K, and Lime only) are provided for one crop year.

-All programs can be combined with your harvest data to further zero in on your management decisions.

-Our recommendation maps are compatible with industry leading precision platforms.

Data Management

Our data management system allows you to upload data from your location directly into our system. You can upload as-applied data and harvest data with ease using the automatic uploading process. Once we install an application on your computer, it looks for as-applied data and harvest data once you insert your card from the field. It automatically recognizes the type of data and sends it to us. Once loaded, you can view and print your data by logging in online.

If you select our Premium Package, we can use that data to improve your decision making skills.


In row crop farming, there are a number of problems that can occur that may reduce yield potential if not discovered in a timely manner. Weeds, pests, nutrient deficiencies, and weather damage are just a few.

It is important to scout several times a season to make sure that the plant is up and out of the ground, growing correctly, and is not showing signs of stress or damage. There is no substitute for being in the field and looking at the plants first hand. Timely scouting is important.

We offer field scouting to help you diagnose a problem and figure out how to tackle it. If you are interested in having us scout your fields, contact us for further details.

Getting Accurate Soil Testing Results in Indiana has never been easier

Our Soil Testing Lab in Indiana

Our lab is located just north of Fort Wayne in Auburn, Indiana and provides accurate and quick soil testing services.

Soil Sampling and Testing in Indiana FAQ's

Our lab is based in Auburn, Indiana. 

A: We strive for 5-10 days from order to collection and soil results received from lab and delivered to client.

A: Results can be sent to you via a CSV or PDF via email.

In some regions, results can be accessed through an online portal

A: OM, pH, Buffer pH, CEC, P, K, Mg, Ca, K%, Mg%, CA%

A: We sample fertility at 6” and have the capability to go down to 24″ with options to sample to 3′ (1-meter)

A: Grid, SoilOptix and Tissue sampling

A: Soil sampling can tell you a lot about what is happening in the field. It can answer questions on yield impact and how much fertilizer do you actually need to put down and where. Depending on the level of sampling being completed you can see what your macronutrients, micronutrients and even water holding capacity, just to name a few. 

We service across Indiana including:

Adams County, Indiana Allen County, Indiana Bartholomew County, Indiana Benton County, Indiana Blackford County, Indiana Boone County, Indiana Brown County, Indiana Carroll County, Indiana Cass County, Indiana Clark County, Indiana Clay County, Indiana Clinton County, Indiana Crawford County, Indiana Daviess County, Indiana Dearborn County, Indiana Decatur County, Indiana DeKalb County, Indiana Delaware County, Indiana Dubois County, Indiana Elkhart County, Indiana Fayette County, Indiana Floyd County, Indiana Fountain County, Indiana Franklin County, Indiana Fulton County, Indiana Gibson County, Indiana Grant County, Indiana Greene County, Indiana Hamilton County, Indiana Hancock County, Indiana Harrison County, Indiana Hendricks County, Indiana Henry County, Indiana Howard County, Indiana Huntington County, Indiana Jackson County, Indiana Jasper County, Indiana Jay County, Indiana Jefferson County, Indiana Jennings County, Indiana Johnson County, Indiana Knox County, Indiana Kosciusko County, Indiana LaGrange County, Indiana Lake County, Indiana LaPorte County, Indiana Lawrence County, Indiana Madison County, Indiana Marion County, Indiana Marshall County, Indiana Martin County, Indiana Miami County, Indiana Monroe County, Indiana Montgomery County, Indiana Morgan County, Indiana Newton County, Indiana Noble County, Indiana Ohio County, Indiana Orange County, Indiana Owen County, Indiana Parke County, Indiana Perry County, Indiana Pike County, Indiana Porter County, Indiana Posey County, Indiana Pulaski County, Indiana Putnam County, Indiana Randolph County, Indiana Ripley County, Indiana Rush County, Indiana St. Joseph County, Indiana Scott County, Indiana Shelby County, Indiana Spencer County, Indiana Starke County, Indiana Steuben County, Indiana Sullivan County, Indiana Switzerland County, Indiana Tippecanoe County, Indiana Tipton County, Indiana Union County, Indiana Vanderburgh County, Indiana Vermillion County, Indiana Vigo County, Indiana Wabash County, Indiana Warren County, Indiana Warrick County, Indiana Washington County, Indiana Wayne County, Indiana Wells County, Indiana White County, Indiana Whitley County, Indiana

A: Soil Test Reports are sent in CSV, Excel and PDF format.

A: No, not for fertility sampling. All you need to get started is a rough boundary of the field (we can provide) to be sampled.

A: You can call us if you have any questions about your soil test report.


A: Nutrient recommendations need to be requested when ordering soil sampling. If not, they can be added on after the field is sampled. The lab will need previous crop, Intended crop and yield goal.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Jeremy Wolf
Jeremy Wolf
December 2023
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Turn around on soil samples is fast.
Kel Dyke (Oneredeemer)
Kel Dyke (Oneredeemer)
July 2023
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Quite a great group of people here!
Jeanette VanderMarel
Jeanette VanderMarel
October 2023
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The best!
Brad Whitthoft, Whitthoft Farm Supply
Brad Whitthoft, Whitthoft Farm Supply
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They are a very important part of our daily operations and have allowed us to have the most current gps mapping along with vrt planting and fertilizer applications for our customers.
Agronomy Solutions Specialist, Sylvite
Agronomy Solutions Specialist, Sylvite
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Deveron’s Insights team has created tools that enable us to turn data into decisions with our growers. Breaking apart soil test data, variable rate prescriptions, and test plots to compare with overlaid yield data gives us a much better understanding of what drives the agronomic and economic success of our growers’ fields and crops.

How to get started

With Deveron, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3....

1. Order Soil Sampling

Contact Us to order your preferred sampling type and resolution and our team will sample your fields asap.

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2. Soil Analysis

Samples are sent to our certified lab in Auburn, IN for analysis.                     

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3. Soil Results

Results are sent to you in a variety of formats and we help interpret your soil results for you.

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