Deveron Signs New Enterprise Client to End-to-End Carbon Services Platform

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 23, 2022                            


Toronto, Ontario – Deveron Corp. (TSX-V: FARM) (!Deveron” or the !Company”), a leading agriculture data company in North America, is pleased to announce the Company has signed a

$750,000 enterprise contract with an agricultural carbon provider. The contract, focused on 85,000 acres in the Mississippi Delta, provides the client access to Deveron’s platform for collecting, analyzing, and sharing in-field soil carbon data.

!With a growing network of over 100 in-field soil technicians across the US and Canada, Deveron offers the only fully integrated and scalable soil data solution. Our network creates a unique opportunity for Deveron to act as a data aggregator for enterprises to streamline and create scale for their agriculture carbon initiatives and assures the highest value carbon credit by relying on high fidelity soil carbon data.” said David MacMillan, Deveron”s President, and CEO.

To date Deveron has signed $7M in enterprise contracts to use the Company’s carbon services platform since its launch in Q3/2021. This is the first enterprise contract to exclusively leverage our field to cloud solution, where Deveron monetizes the collection, lab analysis and digital workflow. The platform eliminates significant impediments to the accurate measurement of carbon sequestration in agricultural land and is a key enabler for creating reliable and credible carbon credits. The platform is built on three key principles highlighted below:

  • Leverage Deveron”s growing network of trained and dedicated soil technicians across North America, thus ensuring consistency of sampling
  • Provide single chain of custody from the farm to the lab to the client in a digital platform
  • Ensure soil data integrity via best-in-class data security

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AboutDeveron:Deveron is an agriculture technology company that uses data and insights to help farmers and large agriculture enterprises increase yields, reduce costs and improve farm outcomes. The company employs a digital process that leverages data collected on farms across

North America to drive unbiased interpretation of production decisions, ultimately recommending how to optimize input use. Our team of agronomists and data scientists build products that recommend ways to better manage fertilizer, seed, fungicide, and other farm inputs. Additionally, we have a national network of data technicians that are deployed to collect various types of farm data, from soil to drone. Our geographic focus is the US and Canada where 1billionacresareactivelyfarmedannually.

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David MacMillan President & CEO Deveron Corp.

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