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At Frontier Labs we are Soil Health and Crop Fertility Experts,
Specializing in Agronomic Testing and Consulting

We offer the perfect combination of soil testing and consulting for any size operation or producer. We are dedicated to your success!

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Agronomic Testing and Consulting Services across Iowa and Minnesota

Soil Testing

At Frontier Labs we offer a complete line of services for any soil testing needs. We offer high quality, fast, and reliable service through our use of the latest testing methods and technologies. 

Generally we turn around samples in 24 hours. If samples are in the lab by 4:00PM they are generally available the following afternoon. All of our soil testing, nematode and spring nitrate test results are available online through a Customer Login. 

Grid Soil Sampling

Our team at Frontier Labs provides reliable and timely soil sampling services. Simply fax in a grid sampling order and let us take care of the rest. You will receive 2 color copies of all the maps. Lab fees include pH, BpH, P, K additional tests are available. We will also make your VRT disk for the type of applicator you have.

Benefits of our Soil Sampling Program:  

  • Our samplers travel to any location to sample your fields
  • We can sample any grid size requested and offer both 2.5 and 4.4 acre grids on a regular basis
  • Our samplers are trained on how to effectively and efficiently grid your field in a minimum amount of time

GIS Mapping Center

At Frontier Labs we have the latest software and the best staff to meet your GIS needs. If you need help converting data for use in your software we can help. If you need someone to process your yield data we can help. If you want help analyzing data that you have collected we can help. If you took your own samples but need to make a VRT disk we can help.

KHS Soil Testing Probes

This is the most versatile and universal probe on the agricultural market. This is the fastest probe and can work in all types of soil and conditions. The unique alligator style opening allows for easy clean out and lets the sampler view each core insuring that it is truly a representative core for the sample. Can easily be used one handed for fast soil sampling.

This probe is made of 11 gauge DOM type 304 stainless steel tubing and is available in a 1″ diameter in 8″ and 12″ depths. This probe is built to last and will not rust.

Resource Material

The following resources provide agricultural producers, crop consultants, researchers, and others online access to relevant Soil and Crop related information:

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