What We Do

Full service from collection to soil and analysis

When working with Deveron, we support you with local experts to get the most out of your soil. Our single chain of custody – from field to lab – will ensure a streamlined process resulting in operational effectiveness and more efficient farm outcomes.

Soil Fertility Sampling Services

Soil sampling is important for any farm operation as it allows the grower to maintain and monitor their soil fertility. A regularly scheduled soil sampling program will help apply crop nutrients where they are needed following a 4R nutrient stewardship program while maximizing your input investment on ever acre.

Lab Sciences

With over 40 years of experience in soil analysis, our lab network is a partner in understanding the health of your soil. We can provide fertility and carbon analysis, along with many other tests to understand yields, field variability, and make recommendations to get the most out of your crops.

Agronomic Insights

Do you use data to identify what is limiting your fields from reaching their full potential? Count on Deveron’s team of experts to utilize a personalized, data-driven approach to insights. We sell solutions, not inputs – developing independent, sustainable, and unbiased data solutions to optimize your bottom line. Our variable rate scripts should work to your advantage and our team holds them accountable.

Carbon Services Platform

Deveron offers what we call “a one-stop shop” for carbon sampling. With Deveron, the physical components of sampling aren’t separated from the data sharing components, which creates a consistent data-driven workflow in one package.

Our Process

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